Collaborating or working together, the TEAMconnect model allows participants – within or outside of their own team or organisation – who are characterised by diversified interests and diverge opinions or whose experience increased emotions for whatever reasons, to enter a dialogue with each other. And we with them.

Ultimately, the quality of the interaction determines the level of the collaboration and the performance. The management and employees jointly facilitate the right circumstances and are the drive wheel of their own actions. Collaborating is realising jointly, based on mutual vision and values and psychological safety; towards a ‘secure base’. In order to make nearly everything open to discussion.

Optimisation in strengthening the working relationships plus a positive work environment is realised based on a circular route with 4 specific combined skills.

We talk                      How to carry out discussions that achieve goals?

Accent > Effect          Addressing each other, expressing yourself and agree together > Transition to a long-term dialogue

We feedforward        How to go back when a dialogue gets bogged down?

Accent > Effect          Provide useful, positive reaction about areas of improvement > Create a future-oriented response culture

We influence:            How to influence positively instead speaking offensively?

Accent > Effect           Influencing attitude and conduct at work > Creating a base for breaching stubborn behaviour or blockages that                                      sustain resistance to change

We realize                   How do we work on joint objectives?

Accent > Effect           Agility, taking initiative and a drive for performance > Responsibility for the solidarity towards the here-and-now                                    situation with an eye on the future

Measurements, such as the Q4 DISC personality and behaviour profile, provide further insight into personal motives, communication and behaviour styles, in order to ultimately highlight and optimise the dynamics within the team.



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