Connected on the basis of freedom, trust and security

“Our collaboration with Frank started with a ‘working on yourself, working on your attitude’ project for our sales team. Under his inspiring leadership, the group transformed from a collection of individuals into a close, high-performance team that learnt to communicate in a constructive, nurturing manner. Since then, we have been on a journey of self-guidance and self-organisation with the management team. Managers and employees have learnt to work and communicate in a ‘LEAN’ manner. Frank has provided guidance through a range of processes in a warm, sincere and open manner, and helped us all get the very best from ourselves. We are still on the journey and employees maintain a pleasant and fulfilling relationship with Frank, who provides support in their further personal development. Thanks to Frank, we now communicate with greater freedom, trust and security and the connection we feel is better than ever.”

Danny Digneffe

Owner/Managing Director Energetica Natura BV