LEMEERconnected focuses on performance improvement for businesses. This is based on our mission to enable individuals and teams to collaborate better by providing them with the skills for effective work behaviour, which in turn will improve relationships and performance. Soft on people, hard on behaviour. Scientifically substantiated, yet always including a healthy dose of common sense.

For decades, Frank Lemeer – as a connector with HR Management in his genes – has realised performance improvement by means of work motivation. He is also active as keynote speaker, presenter, debater and columnist.


Organizational changes follow one another at rapid speed and we experience collaboration or working together as more topical than ever. Organizations are under pressure. Management changes, job shifts and dismissals are commonplace. Reorganizations are sometimes inevitable. But there are also companies that grow again in spite of tighter manpower resources. When it comes to changes, one thing is certain: people will resist. At the same time, business performance therefore needs to be better than before or at least the equivalent. This requires good entrepreneurship and making the best possible use of opportunities.


Even though the changes are accumulating, employees are expected to adapt and continue to work at the same pace. This often leads to problems within the organization. On all levels. For example, visions differ, people do not feel heard or understood and qualities are not utilized. The connection has dissolved and the mutual dynamic leaves a lot to be desired. There is scarcely any cooperation.


There is room for improvement. Lemeer brings people back into contact and gets them to cooperate effectively. Mutual trust grows and people start listening to each other again. New connections are formed. From individual behaviour to visible team behaviour. From underdog to top dog. The ‘people’ are always at the forefront. LEMEER connected empowers people and enables them to excel in what they are good at.


Know who you are working with. A ‘great team’ knows above all how to deal with each other.